Eric Haines

Modern Country Hits

This is a contemporary Christian rock ballad that emphasizes the three beliefs Christians have, that Jesus is the Son of God, that he came and died for our sins, and that he rose from the dead.

Nashville Songwriter Eric Haines performs his latest song Crashing Over Me co-written with Keith Dozier.

Eric Haines was born near Frederick, Maryland and started playing music at 10 years of age when his mom made him take piano lessons.  He took those lessons for 3 years, and at 13 switched to guitar when he got a Yamaha F-110 for his birthday.  Eric spent most of his youth in Vermont and New Hampshire and later in New York.   His first concert was when he was 16 years old at his high school in upstate New York with friend and co-writer, Jeff Michels, at the Norwich High School Auditorium.  After attending the State University of New York for two years, where he rarely attended classes but instead spent his days playing guitar and writing songs, Eric moved to South Florida where he performed as a solo acoustic act in clubs from Fort Lauderdale to Key West.  In 1982, he moved to Atlanta where he went to recording engineering school. There he met producer, Chris Bowman who put Eric in the studio and did a 6 song LP.  Eric played the club circuit around Buckhead in Atlanta for three years and headed back to his home State of Maryland.  There he started a band called New Attitude with friend and cowriter, Jimmy Rickerd.  They produced another album and toured the East coast and Mid-Atlantic area.  In 2002, Eric moved to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career where he met fellow songwriter, AJ Bryant and they formed the band, The Boondock Rockers.  Eric’s latest band, Batson Haines, is a duo with fellow co-writer Jeff Batson. They have recorded and released several albums, and keep a very busy touring schedule that takes them from New England, down the East Coast to the Southeast and midwest.

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